Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving the Blog

For those of you that look at this blog, I've moved to Wordpress.  The new address is:

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Book Additions

I know it's been a while, but with the holidays, looking for work, internet problems, and a whole host of other things good and not so good, I've finally made it back to do a post. I have to say that Christmas was good for me as far as books and my collections. No books cases I'm sad to say, but that's ok. It looks like I finally have a job so I can buy my own :D Anyways, I received several books. All were of what I wanted. The most practical of which is The Sailmaker's Apprentice. This book is a non-fiction on how to make and repair sails (you know, for sailboats. I LOVE sailboats) and all the theories that go with it. I hope to make some canvas bags and stuff in my free time. It's fun and I can make a little money on the side too. That book is the only one that isn't part of a collection.

I received, as well, two books on the history of Dragons. I have a thing for dragons. The seem to be interesting books all about the history and myths of those incredible creatures. I'm in to anthropology type books, so books on myths are right up my ally. I may do a review on one of them at a later time.

As well as the books above, I also received a gift card to Borders. I ended up getting three books for myself and a book for my lovely girlfriend. She's into the whole young adult paranormal type books so she got Friday Night Bites. Not my cup of tea, but she enjoys them so more power to her. The books I got where The Shadow Rising which is the fourth book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. A great fantasy series. A classic in the genre. I have the first two books and the prequel already. With 12 books, so far, in the series, I still have a lot of collecting to do to get them all. The next book I got is The Wizards First Rule in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. This book is a replacement of a very well read copy. Not really into collecting all the books in that series, but still, it's a very well written set of books. Finally, the last book I got was Armageddon's Children which is the first book in the post-apocalyptic trilogy Genesis of Shannara by Terry Brooks. This will go into my slowly growing post-apocalyptic collection.

That's it for book stuff for Christmas. I have some plans for blog posts in the near future and I hope to get at least one of them up in the next couple of days.